Barrie property renovation

Video Transcription

Manny Cabral: Hey everyone. Manny Cabral here again with Simcoe House Buyers where we buy houses fast in Barrie and all of Simcoe County. So here’s another property we picked up here in North Barrie, and I’m just going to give you a quick walk through so you can see the type of properties that we are buying.  So here we are in the kitchen. As you can see, it was pretty dated and we’re going to start doing a lot of renovations here. In the next few days, we’re just getting organized and going through a scope to see what we’re doing, what’s coming out, what’s staying. There’s not a lot staying, to be honest. Everything’s being ripped out. As you can see, it’s very dated carpeting. Kind of a funny house with the three levels. But once we’re done, it’s going to look like an amazing house. This wall’s all going to get blown out. Here’s one of the bedrooms.

And here’s what’s going to be the master bedroom. And we have a bathroom back in here. Then there’s a little bit of a loft area as you go upstairs here and we’re still not certain what we’re going to do here, whether it’s going to be a games room or that of a rec room, or if we’re going to make third bedroom up here. Possibly, this will become the third bedroom. But as you can see, it does need a ton of work. We’ll head back up to the kitchen area. Walk back down the other side of the house. There’s the backyard. We have removed some stuff there already, but it does need some TLC. The garage, that shed is pretty well falling apart, so it’s got to come out.

This is going to be the living room. And we’ll make our way down to the lower level, which is actually a basement. It’s got the old style fuse panel, so that has to get upgraded and replaced. Here’s the last section of the house. But again, these are the type of houses that we’re buying in Barrie. And we can close on these properties really fast, get you cash in hand and off to where you need to be. So that’s a quick tour of this house. All right. So here’s another typical example of the types of properties we’re buying, and we specialize in Barrie and all of Simcoe County. If you need to sell your house fast, regardless of the reason, regardless of the circumstance, we can help you. So all you got to do is give us a call at (705)-800-8076, or reach out to us on our website at, fill out that simple and short form I’ll get in touch with you to come out and see you, and you can have your house sold today. Thanks for watching.

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